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Church of Christ

This 8 lesson series deals with the unique nature and design of the Lord's church. Lessons included are: The Nature of the New Testament church, The Singularity of the church, The Essentially of the church; The Lord's church is not a Denomination...and much more.

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CHURCH-5 - What Church Should I Attend?

Acts 2:47 says, "And the Lord added to the church daily, those who were being saved."

What church should a person attend? I remember recently reading a newspaper article in which the whole front-page article was all about different couples who were making decisions as to what church they felt was best for them. As I read the article it was as though you were going to a department store that fit you best or you're going to a restaurant that your taste liked it the best. When we think about the Lord's church, it's not as though you can choose a restaurant or go into the menu and choose off the menu or the buffet. That's not the idea. Too many times in our society today we have what I refer to as a Burger King Philosophy when it comes to churches. Burger King's Philosophy is ‘having it your way’ and we have that same mentality when it comes to the Lord's church. So many people want it their way, when in reality it's all about pleasing God. We were created to glorify God. He's our Creator we are His creation and it really ought to be about what God wants, not what does man want.